college of science

The College of Science (CS) of Hohai University was founded in 2001. The CS consists of seven departments, i.e., Department of Mathematics, Department of College Mathematics Teaching, Department of Physics, Experimental Center of Physics, Mathematical Technology Laboratory, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Physics etc.

The CS offers three undergraduate majors: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Applied Physics. About 180 undergraduate students are enrolled annually. And the CS offers First-Level Disciplines for Master Degree: Mathematics, Second-Level basic Disciplines for Master Degrees: Mathematical Foundations of Modern Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, about 45 postgraduate students are enrolled annually. And it also offered Second-Level Disciplines for Doctoral Degrees: Mathematical Foundations of Modern Mechanics, about 6 doctoral students are enrolled annually. Particularly, Applied Mathematics is one of the key disciplines in Hohai University.

The CS has more than 100 permanent faculty members, among whom there are 8 professors, 30 associate professors, 3 doctoral supervisors, and more than 20 master supervisors. Over 55% of the faculty members have achieved PhD degrees, and more than 20 of them have experiences of studying abroad. Some of them participated the program for “New Century Excellent Talents in University”, “333 High Level Talent Training” project in Jiangsu Province, Qinglan Project in Jiangsu Province.

The staffs of CS are committed to the teaching of mathematics, physics for undergraduate, graduate students and doctoral students, which widely won the recognition. In addition, some teaching faculty got awards, including Educational awards of Baosteel Group Corporation, Teaching Awards of Huo Yingdong, Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Awards for Outstanding Teachers. Indeed, the students, organized and trained by the teaching staff of CS ,participated in the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM), National Advanced Mathematics Competition for College Students, who won the good reputation for Hohai University thanks to the academic achievements in the contest.

In recent years, the CS has enjoyed a good reputation in the scientific, technological domains due to publishing over 80 academic papers, among which more than 30 are published by Scientific Citation Index. As has been mentioned, the programme of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation and other scientific research are completed by some staffs and faculty of CS. And the CS has conducted mutual exchanges or other collaborative activities with some universities and research institutes from the United States, Germany, Japan, Czech, Korea, Australia, Brazil etc. Besides, some teachers attend over 30 international conferences annually.

With the social progress and economic development, people realize that the Mathematics and Physics play the key role not only in the scientific technology, engineering, but also in the economic domain. Nowadays, more and more graduates of CS are required in the society. At present, about one third of the graduates get further education in the prestigious Universities and Institutes home or abroad and the rate of employment of other graduates reaches up to  95%, some of whom are the elites of professional organizations.