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Department of College Mathematics

There are 22 teaching staff and faculty in the Department of College Mathematics Teaching (DCMT), 10 of whom are associate professors, 2 of whom are granted doctorate degree, 17 of whom are granted postgraduate degree.

DCMT specialize in the teaching of non-mathematical undergraduates in HU, such as “Advanced Mathematics”, “Geometry and Algebra”, “Probability and Mathematical Statistics”, “Calculation Method”, “Linear Algebra”, “Complex Variables Functions”, “Integral Transformation”, “Partial Differential Equation ”, “Field Theory” etc..

Moreover, DCMT are in charge of non-mathematical Advanced Mathematics competition in Jiangsu Province every two years. The Teachers of DCMT actively participate in scientific research when they complete the teaching work, who participated in projects from The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Provincial Foundation and scientific programmes of Ministry of Education and some Production units.

More than 10 academic and teaching papers are published each year. The Teachers of DCMT gained many awards of teaching and scientific research from Jiangsu Province and HU in recent years. For example, “Linear Algebra” course has been nominated as first-class excellent subject, the courses of “Linear Algebra” and “Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics” won the second prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievement in Jiangsu Province. “Advanced Mathematics”, “Geometry and Algebra”, “Probability and Mathematical Statistics” have been also named as excellent Courses by HU. In addition, the participants who get  a growing number of first-prize winners in “Advanced Mathematics” competition in Jiangsu Province win reputation for HU in recent years.

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