college of science

The anoucement

The College of Science (CS) of Hohai University

    The College of Science (CS) of Hohai University was founded in 2001. The CS consists of seven departments, i.e., Department of Mathematics, Department of College Mathematics, Department of Physics, Physical Experiment Center, Mathematical Technology Laboratory, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Physics etc.

The recent activity

In recent years, the CS has enjoyed a good reputation in the scientific, technological domains due to publishing over 80 academic papers, among which more than 30 are published by Scientific Citation Index.

With the social progress and economic development, people realize that the mathematics and physics play the key role not only in the scientific technology, engineering, but also in the economic domain.

Nowadays, more and more graduates of science are required in the society, as a result, in recent years, about one third of the graduates get further education in the universities and institutes home or abroad and the rate of employment of other graduates reach up to up 95%