college of science
Wang Qiming


Educational Background
MA, Applied Mathematics, Hohai University (2006)
BA, Applied Mathematics, Hohai University, (2002)

Research Interests: Statistics
Journal Articles:

[1]Qiming Wang, Yongsheng Yuan, Haolin Ren. Application of improved Monte Carlo method to solution of nonlinear equations [J]. Journal of Hohai University,2005,(6).

[2]Li Guo, Qiming Wang, Yongsheng Yuan. Simulation and prediction of dam displacement based on Kalman filter [J]. Water Resources and Power,2006,(6).

[3] Yongsheng Yuan, Qiming Wang, Ting An. Runoff prediction research based on improved conditional expectation [J]. Honghe River,2005,(3).

[4]Wei Zhang, Danping Gu, Qiming Wang. Analysis and simulation of navigation in Yangzhou segment of Yanshao waterway [J]. Port Waterway Engineering,2015,(5).