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Zhang Kaixiao


Kaixiao Zhang

Associate Professor

Educational Background
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering Materials, Hohai University (2015)
MS, Microelectronics, Nanjing University (2006)
BS, optoelectronics,  Nanjing University (2001)


Research Interests

[1]  solar cell design and simulation

[2]  nitride photoelectric materials and devices

[3]  water pollution photoelectric detection technology

Research Projects

[1] January 2014 -2016 December, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, AlInN / GaN heterostructural sensor for drinking water monitoring basic research, 80W.

[2] September 2016 - August 2019, Jiangsu Province, science and technology research and development plan (industry foresight and common key technologies) competition projects, water quality organic micro-photoelectric sensor and distributed network monitoring technology research and development, 120W.

Journal Articles

[1] Luo Hao (Student, Instructor)The UV Index and exposure time measured by UVM-30 photodetector, Advanced Mechanics and Materials, 2012, 1988-1998, 1083-1088, (EI)

[2] Luo Hao (Student, Instructor) et al., Internal gain of InGaN / GaN metal-insulator- semiconductor photo- detector, Asian Journal Of Chemistry, Vol. 25, No. 4 (2013), 2080-2082 (SCI).

[3] Zhang Kai-Xiao, Chen Dun-Jun, Zhu Wei-Hua, Lin Jian-Wei, Zhang Rong, Zheng You-Miscibility calculation of GaN1-xPx ternary alloys, Journal of Rare Earths, v 24, n SUPPL., P 33-36, March 2006 (SCI)

[4] Zhang Kai-xiao, Chen Dun-jun, Shen Bo, Wu Xiao-shan, Zhang Rong, Zheng You-qiao, High Temperature Properties of Al0.22Ga0.78N / GaN Heterojunction Barrier Layer Strain before and after Surface Passivation [J] (SCI)

[5] Zhang Kaixiao, Ma Aibin, Jiang Jinghua et al., InGaN metal-insulator-semiconductor photodetector using Al2O3 as the insulator, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 2013,56 (3): 633-636, (SCI)


[1] CHEN Dun-Jun, ZHANG Kai-Xiao, HU Li-Qun, ZHANG Rong, ZHENG You-Qiao. A UV-EO method and device for dynamic monitoring of organic pollutants [J]: CN101349641, 2009-01-21.

[2] Zhang Kai Xiao Song Jianping Liu Mingyi Gong Jiangfeng Zhu Weihua, 2011, a device capable of measuring Planck's constant and work function at the same time and measuring method, 201110417754.3, invention patent

[3] Zhang Kaixiao; Yu Hongjun; Gong Jiangfeng; Xie Haiyan; Zou Hua; Zhu Weihua, 2012, A solar time quantitative analysis device and its measuring method, 201210238523.0, invention patent

[4] Chen Dunjun, Zhang Kaixiao, Zhang Rong, Zheng Youqian, polarization enhanced p-i-n junction InGaN solar cells, application number: 201210580088.X, invention patent

[5] Chen Dunjun, Zhang Kaixiao, Zhang Rong, Zheng Youqian, p-i-n junction InGaN solar cell manufacturing method, application number: 201210580045.1, invention patent

[6] Zhang Kai-xiao, Ning Shi-chao, Li Bin, Li Dian, Yu Lulu. A leg-type orthosis device [P] .Jiangsu: CN103127614A, 2013-06-05.

[7] Gong Jiangfeng; Zhang Kaixiao; Zhang Aimei; Zhu Weihua, A preparation method of nano metal particles, Authorized by: CN103231067B, Authorized by: 2015-08-26; Application number: CN201310139136.6, 19


Honors and Awards:

[1] Raman and infrared spectra of GaNP ternary alloys prepared by MOCVD method, the research group of the 6th (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210029, China) Natural Science Award for outstanding academic papers third prize, in October 2005, the Nanjing Municipal People 's Government;

[2] The high-temperature characteristics of AlGaN / GaN heterostructure barrier layer before and after surface passivation, the study group (Zhang Kaixiao, Chen Dunjun, Shen Bo, Tao Yaqi, Wu Xiaoshan, Xu Jin, Zhang Rong, Zheng Youqiong), Nanjing Seven outstanding natural science academic paper award third prize, in September 2007, the Nanjing Municipal People 's Government;

[3] thermoelectric effect of experimental apparatus, Zhang Kai Xiao, Liu Mingyi, Li Chengcui, Song Jianping, Lin Jianwei, Zhu Weihua, self-made instrument and equipment Achievement Award, 2006-2010, the Ministry of Education Laboratory Construction Steering Committee, Experimental Teaching Steering Committee, Laboratory Management Branch

[4] PN junction voltammetry curve / variable temperature Boltzmann constant measurement instrument, Song Jianping, Liu Mingyi, Zhang Kai Xiao, self-made instrument and equipment Outstanding Achievement Award, 2006-2010, the Ministry of Education Laboratory Construction Steering Committee, Teaching Steering Committee, Laboratory Management Branch;

[5] Digital low-cost power source with adjustable dual phase difference, Song Jianping, Liu Mingyi, Zhang Kaixiao, Self-made Instrument and Equipment Achievement Award, 2006-2010, Steering Committee of Laboratory Construction of Ministry of Education, Experimental Teaching Steering Committee, Laboratory Management Work Subcommittee.

Academic Title

Reviewer of Materials Review


Address: Science of College, Hohai University, No. 1, Xikang Road, Nanjing,