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Jiang Peng


Associate Professor


Ph.D. : Mathmatics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University , (2006)

MS: Mathmatics , Central China Normal University, (2003)

BS: Mathmatics , Central China Normal University, (1999)

Postdoc: Mathmatics , Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, (2010)



Research Interests: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.

Research Projects:  

1: NSFC (Grant No. 11301139), The qualitative analysis of some problems for the radiation

hydrodynamics equations, (2014-2016).

2: NSF of Jiangsu Province (Grant No. BK20130823) , The well-posedness and qualitative analysis for weak solutions of radiation hydrodynamics equations, (2014-2016)

Journal Articles :

1: Peng Jiang, Unique global solution of an initial-boundary value problem to diffusion approximation model in radiation hydrodynamics, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A, 35(7), 2015.

2: Yongcai Geng, Peng Jiang, Smooth solutions for one-dimensional relativistic radiationhydrodynamic equations, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 38,2015.

3: Peng Jiang, Yaguang Wang, Initial-boundary value problems and formation of singularities for one-dimensional non-relativistic radiation hydrodynamic equations, Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 9(4), 2012.

4: Peng Jiang, Global weak solutions to the non-relativistic radiation hydrodynamical equations with isothermal fluids, Journal of Differential Equations, 253(7), 2012.

5: Peng Jiang, Dehua Wang, Global Weak Solutions to the Euler-Boltzmann Equations in Radiation Hydrodynamics, Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 48(1), 2012.

6: Peng Jiang, Junping Yin, Formation of Singularities of Solutions to the Three-Dimensional Non-Relativistic Radiation Hydrodynamic Equations, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 395(1), 2012.

7: Peng Jiang, Yaguang Wang, Existence of solutions to an initial boundary value problem of multidimensional radiation hydrodynamics, Journal of Differential Equations, 251(6), 2011.

8: Yifeng Zhu, Peng Jiang, Existence of a Shock Wave in a One-dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamic System, Acta Mathematica Scientia-Series A, 31A(1), 2011.

9: Peng Jiang, Dehua Wang, Formation of Singularities of Solutions to the Three-Dimensional Euler-Boltzmann Equations in Radiation Hydrodynamics, Nonlinearity, 23, 2010.

10: Peng Jiang, Yao Mao, Existence and uniqueness for the Dirichlet problem of the Helmholtz equation on domain with corners, Journal of Central China Normal University(Natural Science Edition), 3, 2006.